Gardening and of Course Painting

On my birthday, Wally's dad and brother finished off the holly bush stumps that Wally had been working on in our front beds. We just don't like holly bushes very much so decided to get rid of them. They were heavier and harder to get out than we thought, but gone they are. Now we have an empty bed. Wally borrowed a broken tiller from our friend Andy, but despite his work on it, it still won't start. We may just rent one so that we can till the bed and plant and mulch. Not that we have any plants now, but we went through Wally's mom's massive flower beds and picked out some stuff that she can split and bring for us.

Our empty bed.

Of course, I've been painting more stuff. The doors and molding in the family room to be specific. I think I will never be done painting!

I've been sewing too, trying to get ready for Baby Alden and to make more bibs for Rhianwen, but I am discovering that I'm a terrible sewer! Wally says I just need to practice and that I'm not as bad as I say, but when I know so little, I think practice will only get me so far (ie. functional results but lacking in quality workmanship).

We hope to get the kitchen and dining room floors tiled in June, but with a huge car repair and Wally's dental work that needs to be done, our tax rebate is gone (which was to be the funding source for the floors)! Oh well. Such is life!

On a totally separate note, my grandpa needs lots of prayer. He had a pretty major stroke over the weekend leaving one side of his body pretty immobile. Thankfully, he can still walk a small way with assistance. He's still having tests done in the hospital to confirm all of the issues going on, and then he'll go to a rehab place to get mobility back.