Can a trip to Home Depot be providential?

We decided on Friday night to make a trip to Home Depot to get 2 ceiling fans, one for Rhi's room and one for Alden's. Wally randomly decided to take a look at the tile aisle even though we knew what tile we want for the kitchen. That's when we found out that the tile we intended to buy was 1/2 off and discontinued! Thus began the quest for tiles. The Home Depot we were at was completely sold out. So we went over to another one and bought all of theirs, but it still wasn't enough. Then we called the N Raleigh location and Wally made it just before closing and bought out all of theirs. The next day we went to Hillsborough and bought one more box to complete our needs.

I think it's great that we got it for at least half off, and I can't believe that it was discontinued! It would have been awfully frustrating if in 2 weeks we went to get it only to find out it was gone and would always be gone. So, we're thankful that God had us wait this long and that He timed it so that there were tiles still left.

The pile of tiles plus a ceiling fan. Wally had to break open a box of tiles and see how it looked on the floor. No pics of that though!

Rhianwen really loves her ceiling fan too. She loves to point to it and say, "Around and Around and Around...Pretty!"

For my contribution, I made a diaper bag for Alden and started on his blanket.

Choo choo trains :)

Oh, and I worked on creating an ice sculpture...Wally had to take a pic. Actually, it just somehow happened.

This is the ice cube in the tray.

My Grandpa is doing pretty well. He's been transferred to a PT place where he will stay and regain mobility (Lord willing).


Heather Iverson May 25, 2008 at 7:56 PM  

Poor Grandpa. I was so sad to hear about his stroke. He is in my prayers.

Hooray for 1/2 price tiles. I love it when things like that happen!