Spring has to be spent outside. We planted our garden and we'll see what happens. We have tomatoes, broccoli, and pepper sprouts, and planted squash, green beans, corn, and peas seeds straight into the ground. Rhianwen helped out too. Wally also built trellises for the muscadine grapes and has been working on clearing out the trash that the former owner partially burned and then left in the back of our land.

Spring dogwood blooms.

Just to prove that he really was working on making a garden plot and not something more sinister, here is a picture of what he did those nights out in the dark with a lantern...raised beds for the garden.

Helping daddy.

The fun part for Rhianwen, planting the seeds.

Wally installed some shelves in the utility sink closet out of scrap stuff that he had left over. We have a huge scrap pile, but he had a hard time getting enough that would work for shelves. When he finished he said he thought perhaps it was time to get rid of the rest. He showed me his handy work and I laughed out loud and had to say, "I love you!". The shelves definitely serve their purpose, and that's about all they need to do!

This past week we spent away, Wally in Pittsburgh and Rhianwen and I at my parents'. It's always a nice thing to have a break from the norm.

Tea...a great way to relax.

My parents came back with me to spend the night at our house b/c they flew out to Seattle from Raleigh. Of course, after a week of being away, our cat had wreaked havoc on my clean house. Worse than I have ever seen! She had played in her water dish to the point that her rug was completely soaked, then she decided a jaunt through the litter box was necessary (wet paws and all), then she decided that she needed to track litter all over the house. There were footprints and litter clumps everywhere. I almost cried when I walked in. Then I washed down everything and mopped...while my parents entertained Rhi.

Does anyone want a cat?