Easter Fun

Well, not much was done on the house this week. Wally has been working like mad on school projects and work. But I finished painting the trim in the baby's room, and he moved the crib in and set it up last night. It's nice to see the room empty of boxes, but we'll have to put the boxes back until we get the floors done in the dining room. I just refuse to unpack all that china until it is done!

Here's a family pic on Easter morning. A bit bright, but oh well! We hardly do these, so at least we have one!

We went to church (as normal except we color coordinated b/c mommy is silly like that) had an Easter Egg hunt, had an Easter basket, dyed eggs, and enjoyed a great dinner at some friend's house today.

Yes, the eggs got dropped and cracked, but they are still fun to look at!


The Davies March 28, 2008 at 6:01 PM  

Eggcelent. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. *whew* I still got it.