Spring Color

Well, we have been doing stuff around the house, but mostly outside. Wally has pulled a significant portion of the HUGE trumpet vine off of one of our trees. It was SO big that he had to use a chain saw to cut the trunk. We've also cut it all off of the fence, but there is still more to go on that. We've put up the birdfeeders, planted pansies in planters, started broccoli, tomatoes, and peppers, and Wally has been trying to get the big garden plot cleaned up a bit...getting rid of tons of trash, rotted grape vines, cleaning off tomato stakes etc.

Inside, we put up smoke alarms (impressive, I know), primed the rest of the doors and molding in the fam room, finished priming the "baby's" room, mmmm, just odds and ends really. We hope to get the time and money to do the kitchen floors at the end of the spring, probably once Wally is done with his class.

I kind of think everyone but mom has given up on this blog, but I'll post some pics anyway. I had fun taking them ;0)

A bloom on our tulip? tree.

Scary bridge for mommies...we hope to put some kind of rails up eventually. There is a 5 foot drop to the creek bed below.

Mom wanted a picture of the creek. This is one side (Rhianwen's favorite).

This is the other side.

A violet near Rhianwen's slide.


My favorite pot of pansies...I may even put this one up on Rhianwen's blog since she helped plant it ;0)

Go Tigers :)

Bradford pear.

Our planters that Wally found back in the woods and put back up on the deck. I can see these from the kitchen and dining room windows. There is one on the side that we will use for herbs later on.

Side view of the planters.

Broccoli sprouts.


nannykim March 13, 2008 at 4:02 AM  

Wow, everything is looking great. I am so glad you found the planters--they are so cheerful--love the pansies. I also like the urn you showed. The back yard, already looks so much nicer than it was this summer!! Glad you have so many flowering things around ;-). You will have to get a rail up for the little bridge. I can't believe all the work you guys have had time (ha) to accomplish!!

Heather Iverson March 13, 2008 at 3:18 PM  

I haven't given up on the blog!! I still like to see what you have done with the house!

I liked that picture you took of the flower boxes that showed what your back yard looked like. That is the first outside photo that gave me a feel for what the yard it like. You have some really pretty things growing in your yard.

I am enjoying watching new blooms appear here and there in my yard. This is the first time that we have seen the yard at this time of the year so we are discovering a lot of new things.

Forsythia! I have one of those in my front yard that is in full bloom. I could not think what it was and it was anoying me. Thank you for answering that question!

The Davies March 13, 2008 at 9:49 PM  

I didn't even know about this blog. Mom linked me to it, and I was like: "Whose blog is this, and why do they have pictures of my niece?"

Heh heh.

Those flowers are beautiful.

Spring hasn't quite bloomed here yet. We do have some beautiful cherry blossoms, though, and the songbirds have returned. I went up on Little Si (a nearby mountain) this past weekend, and I can tell that spring is near. There was only a bit of snow left in the crags near the top.