Painting and Shopping

Yup, I've been painting Baby T.'s room. First was the ceiling (boring no fun yuk). Then the walls (mom and dad had primed them a while back, much to my happiness!). And to my mom's horror, I chose yellow. Yes, I know they say that yellow is a stressful color, but I still think it is cheery. We chose a lighter cooler yellow than the one in Rhianwen's room. And I think I really like it! I still need to paint the molding.


I couldn't quite duplicate the true color of the walls with our camera, but these 2 pics are close. The color is really somewhere between the 2 that you see.

We went to a huge consignment sale and got some rompers for Baby T., dresses, shirts, and shorts for Rhianwen, and some toys and books.

Rompers for Baby T. (basically one-piece outfits that are always the easiest for a floppy infant).

One of the dresses had a stain in it, but I got it out using good old Greased Lightning. If you all haven't tried it, it works like a dream. It got out all of the chocolate icecream from the heart shirt of Rhianwen's, got out really OLD stains from the little white dress that was Rhianwen's Grandmama's when she was a baby, and gets out almost everything that Rhianwen manages to get on her clothes. It's a life saver!

I couldn't resist an Easter dress for Rhianwen.

More dresses, the one on the right has the stain (this is a pic before I worked on it). She wore it today, and we got lots of great pics of her in it in front of our tulip tree, but I'm not posting them until I send some Easter cards to the grands and great grands ;0)

New fun toys...I know I'm strange. Why am I putting these on the renovation blog? Dunno.

One of my fave purchases. These books are out of print I think, so I was so excited to find the whole set for dirt cheap.

We also got a big double jog stroller off of craigslist for $150!!! The exact one we had wanted too! So we are so excited about that. For those of you who haven't shopped for a jogger stroller, this is really cheap. We saved more than 50% buying it this way. Sorry, don't have a pic yet b/c I'm lazy.

Also, Wally worked on the front bed this weekend. He moved the camelia, cut down the holly bushes, and is removing the stumps, which means there is nothing left in the front beds. Ha! Don't have pics of that either.


nannykim March 16, 2008 at 8:26 PM  

Great finds--Hey, I love yellow as you well know!! just hope Baby T does. Hey, I am not calling him baby T--so very TERRIBLE, TANTILIZINGLY SO!! Nice dresses--poowee on waiting to post nice pictures of the beautiful RHI. You need to put a notification thing on this renovation tracker--