Some progress

Wally got to work 3 solid days over Christmas and got a lot accomplished. I finally have cabinet doors on all of the cabinets on the bottom!!!! I am so happy to have them closed off to our little Rhi who is more into everything everyday! Now, if we could just get that one last drawer built and in place, she would no longer have free access to all of my aprons, dish towels, and oven mits.

He also built up the cabinets over the fridge and under the pass through. So now I just have to finish painting them. I can't wait to finish moving all the kitchen stuff in!!!

He installed a door to our utility closet and included a cat entryway. Eventually we will put a cat door in, but for now it lets kitty in and keeps Rhi with limited access. I can keep the kitty bowls far enough back in the closet that Rhi can't just reach through the opening to get to them. Now I just have to paint all of that stuff (you can see I have caulked).

Wally started putting molding up on the arched door, but can't figure out how to finish it up. If you have any ideas, he's all ears!

We got a bit of snow the other day which was nice to see. Rhi had a good time playing in the little bit that stuck around.

We've also been enjoying the really ugly bird-feeders that were sold with the house on the back deck. The feeders are designed to deny squirrels b/c the perch won't support a squirrel's weight. The perches are spring loaded, and if even a bird lands on it roughly, it will bounce. We're getting lots of cardinals, sparrows, tufted titmouses (grammar???...titmice?), and one towhee, a chickadee, and a finch. I love the titmouses. They're so smooth looking, almost waxy. One feeder can be seen from the dining room window and the other from the kitchen window.

SO, what is left? Major flooring projects in fam, dining, kitchen, figuring out molding stuff for the arch door, connecting the utility sink, painting the extra bedroom and cabinets, doing something about the way our washing machine is draining into our yard (Wally has a plan, but I don't know what it is), and of course, normal yard stuff...lots to do there. Also, we hope to replace our ugly shutters and eventually get new windows since they condense water all around the seams and leave lovely puddles on the sills for me to mop up every day. But the windows are definitely a couple of years down the road.


nannykim January 21, 2008 at 6:33 AM  

Glad you got the kitchen stuff done and I like those feeders--thanks for the pics!