Hooray for an A- !

Wally's graduate class is finally done. He made an A-. So we are very excited.

Around the house, Wally has installed shelves in the utility closet, doors (we bought from Habitat Restore hence the color), a wonderful ceiling fan for the fam room (which has been incredibly dark), and the light fixture in the hallway. He also cleaned off the deck of all the surplus wood (I am so thrilled about that!) and installed the utility sink in the cat closet.

Double doors for the utility closet.

Ceiling fan for fam room (on sale at Home Depot...yay!).

Cute hall light.

All I have done is mail Christmas gifts and make an apron for Rhi. Otherwise, I spend a lot of time being tired and feeling fatter.

Rhi's apron on my Christmas gift, a rocker LaZBoy recliner that will eventually make its way to the nursery.

We also visited Old Salem where we got a pic of a HUGE holly tree (this is for mom, who is growing one outside her kitchen window).

Our Christmas centerpiece.

Beautiful sunset from the deck (now cleaned off!).


nannykim December 16, 2007 at 7:02 PM  

Beautiful sunset!! hmmm, and how many times have you had to clear off the deck, eh? It must be so nice to have a homework free Wally--winter break is and was lovely! I think the drought affected my holly this year ;-( . But we had a wonderful rain storm yesturday and last night!