In the Midst of Chaos

Well, Wally suggested the title "Plodding Along", but I found this one more appropriate. The mess is really getting to me. It's worse in the mornings when I look around and feel like no progress is being made. But we are making some progress. It's just that I can't really work on a project unless Rhianwen is asleep and Wally can only work at night. Wally will be starting school soon, and then we will be in big trouble!

This week we got cable and internet connected (via the cable guys), the nail strips ripped out of the concrete in the family room, the plumbing pretty much done, the mold washed off some of the windows, windows caulked, 2 miniblinds washed (still yellow if anyone has suggestions as to how to get yellow smoke stains out of vinyl, let us know! So far I've soaked in bleach and scrubbed and set them out in the sun), worked more on the closets in the family room, got some kitchen cabinets cut to size and up, got a good portion of the beadboard and molding up in the dining room, mudded some small cracks in the walls, primed the dining room (though the beadboard still needs priming), our bedroom, portions of the kitchen and hall, painted our bedroom (we have so much molding that is takes a good while to get a room painted), and set up Rhianwen's room. Hers is the only room in the house that is in is my and Rhianwen's refuge from the chaos elsewhere. Sometimes I wish the Big Bang were true and that there was a chance that it would happen to our house ;0)Order out of chaos in a blink of an eye :)

Dining room primed, molding and beadboard on the way up (beadboard will be primed and painted).

Some cabinets cut and the stove will not be will be further down the wall.

Walls and molding painted in our room (it's a very light blue with white molding).

Rhianwen's room organized...her painting is hanging on a random nail in the wall left by the previous owners which is why it is so high; the tab underneath the painting is the possible color of room...yes yellow, well, I don't know about the increased stress in yellow rooms thing, but I think it's cheerful...hopefully not too bright...we will see! Her room also needs quarter round put down, but for now, it is waiting for the more urgent projects in the house to get done.

What or how are we eating? Not so well, though tonight we had a feast of salmon, rice, peas, and sweet potatoes. I have been pining away for non-microwave meals and good veggies for a week now.

Salmon anyone?

What's the next project I can work on?