Almost time to move, but there's so much more to do!

Finished floors (of course everything including the baseboard will be repainted so we didn't worry about slinging stain)

Dad helped clear out the old sheetrock.

New sheetrock up.

I've been packing and caring for Rhianwen, so no more construction project work for me. Wally has put the first layer of mud on the sheetrock in the dining room, started the tedious job of getting the plumbing back in order, rerouted ductwork for the kitchen and dining room, and put in outlet boxes as well.

We won't be done with the kitchen, dining, family rooms by the time we move, but Wally hopes to have running water in the kitchen at the very least. We may be "camping out" for a while, but we can grill, crockpot, and drink bottled water or water from the other sinks. A baby gate purchase is in the works.