Painting Color Fiascos

This week Wally put up more molding in the dining room, built beams for the dining room, cut and installed shelving in the pantry, put in more outlet boxes, and put up popcorn ceiling in the dining room where the cabinets had been. We hate hate hate popcorn ceiling, but the other alternative was to take the entire dining room ceiling down, refinish, and paint, a task that would have taken much longer and was potentially more dangerous b/c we've read popcorn ceilings made in the 70's potentially have asbestos...sigh. I caulked more windows, primed and painted the hallway twice (more on that in a minute), primed and painted the dining room walls, painted the dining room beadboard twice, primed and painted the popcorn ceiling in the dining room and kitchen, and primed and painted and painted a bunch of trim. The reason why I painted everything twice? Color choice problems. The first color choice for the hallway I hated. As Wally and I were discussing it, he said, "It kind of reminds me of a storybook." A few minutes later I realized that was it! The hallway's colors were just like the back of an old golden book. Rhianwen really noticed the bright colors when she woke up in the morning. She walked out into the hall put one hand on the bright green, and opened her mouth in an "o". Don't know if that was good or bad!

Old golden book colors, ick!

So, I repainted the hall a paler green color which will also be in the living room once we can relocate the furniture somewhere else.

It turned out a little mintier than I wanted, but I still like it, and we're not changing it.

Done wit dat.

The popcorn ceiling was a huge messy icky pain. Wally was very frustrated with it, but I convinced him it was fine as it was and would look better after painting it. (Painting was another big huge pain since I also had to paint the kitchen to match).

Popcorn ceiling repaired.

The beams that Wally built and the molding he put up can be seen in this picture of the new dining room wall. The space to the left probably will be a passthrough connected to the kitchen and will also have a set of cabinets and maybe a wine rack. The space to the right leads to the kitchen and living room.

I painted the beadboard this week, but because I painted the ceiling with most of the white paint that I had chosen for the beadboard I needed to get more. But I didn't feel like going all the way back to Lowes so went to ACE instead; their color match thing wasn't working,so I chose another white that failed miserably. It was called Ashen, and it was very pink!!! So I had to recoat 2x with Lowes paint.

The finished dining room colors.

Wally designed and built the pantry shelving. He made this funky paper towel chute on the right that holds around 6 paper towels. The piece behind the broom will come out so that the broom fits in that space. There will also be a spice rack on the right wall of the pantry. We were both very excited about it, and have moved stuff onto it already since it had been piled on the desk next to it.

The reason why we haven't unpacked anything is b/c the family room is still a mess and a staging area, the cabinets still need to go up in the kitchen (many of the boxes contain kitchen stuff), and the dining room needs flooring and quarter round and ceiling molding (all the trim in the house takes a lot of time to paint btw) before we put furniture in there. We may shuffle things around for a time while we work on other rooms, but I think we are waiting until we are close to completion on all the rooms before we unpack. Crazy? Maybe, but for now that's the plan.