10 gallons and still going!

We have used over 10 gallons of primer! This is shocking to me. But we are essentially painting the entire interior of the house. This week we painted the family room ceiling and walls (the walls need a second coat), finished mudding the closets in there (dare I say we are DONE with mudding?!). Well, we may have a small touchup job here and there, but yes, the major mudding is done!

Nice painted ceiling (we removed the fan blades)...hee hee.

I realized that I haven't posted a pic of the kitchen or pass through recently.

White cabinets and trim. We need a handle on one cabinet! And we still need to put the hardware on in the inside so that they close. Also, we need a hood above the stove and obviously, to tile the backsplash below.

Pass-through space (still needs trim).

On the agenda for this week are to finishing painting the famimly room, scrub the cement floor in the family room (we'll stain it later after we tile the kichen and dining room) and move all the stuff that goes in there in/start unpacking a bunch of stuff. Paint the family room closets. I'm not sure what else Wally has in mind.

Last but not least, we enjoyed the State Fair on Saturday...yup, more time spent from renovation work, but oh so fun and delicious!

My 2nd funnel cake ever.


nannykim October 23, 2007 at 1:08 PM  

funnel cakes are messy!!! You must be sick of smelling paint all the time---whenever you get all done with the painting (a dream?) Rhi won't know what to think--her home smell will be associated with paint smells (hmm, sounds familiar!!!)

Nick October 24, 2007 at 9:51 AM  

We went to the fair last week, and I managed to stay away from the funnel cakes. I need to hire you whenever we decide to renovate our house. Hopefully, you see the light at the end of the tunnel.