We had to

Well, we gave up and put the dining room furniture in the unfinished dining room. We just couldn't stand living in chaos anymore. Of course, we still are living in chaos, but just a little less chaos. We also cleared out the family room for the most part. We are trying to decide, should we stain the concrete or paint it or do something else like pay to put other flooring on top? The concrete has glue from the old rug but only in front of the door and in the closets. So, this will be one of those projects that will probably have us banging our heads against the wall before it is done.

I painted half of the family room. The other half is waiting for the rewiring and removal of the panel box, and a decision on how we are going to finish the doorway. I began painting cabinet doors, caulked a bunch of stuff, put up sheetrock in the utility closet, mudded it, and mostly took care of a sick baby this week.

Wally worked on the cabinets, put new facing up, and molding, put up new venting for the dining room vent, and probably lots of other things that I'm not remembering.

Wine rack/storage space in dining room...not quite done.

Family room walls painted.

We realized before it was too late, that we had no plans for drawers in the kitchen! Glad we thought of it!


nannykim September 12, 2007 at 10:28 AM  

like the color of the family room--looks much better. There is stuff to take glue off--and it does work cause we used it to take off some on our floor--that is why the floor is different under the window---can't remember the name--just ask at a paint store and they will tell you. The dental person today said they painted their garage cement floor and put speckles in it and she loves the way it turned out--they did that etching thing first--However I think that chemical does quite an odor and it took a long while to dry the floor when they painted it--used many heaters.