So, after cleaning, sanding, cleaning, priming, painting, sanding, priming, painting, we finally have white cabinets!!! I am so excited! We hope that on Monday we will put the doors on and all the stuff in. There is one cabinet left to complete, and Wally will continue to work on that when he gets time, but I am about to take care of a good chunk of boxes that are stashed away in the guest/rhi's bedroom-to-be. Wally also worked on putting up crown molding in the kitchen. We have yet to shim and caulk it, so don't worry, it'll look better than in the pic. I also primed some trim and worked on a few bubbles in the drywall in the living room that I had to dig out and remud. I think it will be worth the effort. We are out of money, so the other major things that will probably have to wait until we get a tax return are: (1) kitchen counters (2)kitchen/dining room floor (3)family room floor (4) decorative tile for the backsplash (we plan to reuse the white tile that we removed but would like a few decorative tiles to add color and tie in the blue of the walls.)

Other things that we can work on now are painting, putting up the shoe moulding and cabinet molding, finishing the other closet in the family room, and rewiring the house. So, no worries! We will have things to report on for a good while now!

White Kitchen Cabinets!

A snotty-nosed Rhianwen enjoying the newly painted cabinets.

Crown molding in the kitchen.

Some hardware is up too!


nannykim September 23, 2007 at 6:39 PM  

I love love love the blue and white in the kitchen. The white cabinets really freshen up the place and wowweeeecazowweeee--the handles look like ours ;-) . Hmmm, I have a feeling the clothes I bought Rhi will not fit now that I see how big she is!!! man!!! I had found a Carter's 18 month and compared the clothes to that...but now I have very grave doubts....thankfully we can return them if they do not fit!!!!