Superhero Party

Alden wanted a superhero party. We had so much fun celebrating!  

Alden made the superhero we used on the sign to welcome our guests. 

Spiderman left a birthday message on our tablecloth!

Rhianwen, his sister, helped design and make the decorations. I loved this personal touch to what can seem like a box party. 

A "super-turkey". We put a roll of the Manhattan skyline around our walls, and taped up superheros saying various things to Alden. 

My favorite quote, but mildly inappropriate I suppose. 

Bucket of gifts. The bucket was later used to hold drinks and ice. 

Rhianwen's birthday card to him. 

I printed out art to label all of the superhero food we were having. The Bugles were Lizard claws. 

Alden had to have PB&Honey to make him satisfied. So these were Super Sandwiches (unless Peanut Butter is like kryptonite to you). 

Hulk Hoagies. 

Power Punch. 

Design your own superhero (click here for the site). 

Superheros track treasure (click here for the entire hunt). 

They ate the Lizard. 

Everyone got to pose as Superman.