Fintorp, yeah.

We have a better organized art center thanks to Ikea and Wally. We got the idea from this website: click here.

Making the tabletop.

The frame.

Molding around the frame to make it look finished and stained the tabletop.

Caulked around the wall and repainted to look finished there too.Wally didn't put the Fintorp system up in the typical/normal way b/c he felt like it would look better like this instead of with 3 separate rods in a row.

I love it! We don't have chairs around it yet b/c little boy is such a climber. So my kids like it too, but Rhianwen has to get all of the materials for Alden since I haven't put the chairs around it yet. We'll also probably be doing our handwriting and drawing for school here too.