November Projects

Painting the family room floor.

Wally has done all of the work while I watch the kids. It's latex cement paint, and we plan to polyurethane on top once it's cured for a few days.

Wally tore down the old treehouse because the floor was rotting and the kids were stepping through it. They're pretty excited about a new bigger sturdier one. Well, I'm excited about sturdier...

Daddy's helpers.

Combined rooms to make room for Corwin's nursery.

Rhianwen's space.

Alden's space.

They love their new/revamped room. Nap and bedtime are interesting but not too bad. I'm so thankful that they enjoy each other.

Oh yeah, and we are in the process of refinancing. Rates are just too undeniably low to not do it.


nannykim/spindlecottage November 23, 2010 at 6:45 AM  

Oh, the floor color really lightens up the space and makes it look cleaner (ha , well so does not having anything in it!). Alden's hair cut in the pic of him beneath the bed looks so cute. Glad things are working out so far! A new tree house!!So exciting!