In snow? No, but we've been wanting to make a special garden back next to our "patio" aka cement pad and behind the treehouse. Averett has begged us not to call it a fairy garden since we have 2 males in the house, so we'll have to come up with some other name. Whatever we call it, we hope to have a fun but pretty space with a little path, a hobbit house/mound, some luminaries, lots of flowering plants, and maybe a fairy or gnome or two hidden out of site. Wally made a screen on the house-side of our patio out of vines and logs from our woods. We plan to cover it with native honeysuckle (non-invasive for the most part). I transplanted 2 hydrangeas and a gardenia before our big snow, so we'll see if they survive. Since they were extras in the yard/free, I didn't worry too much about it.

The snow. (You can kind of see the screen that Wally made. It's behind the chair that is randomly placed in the middle of our yard).