Kitchen (to be Dining Room) Doorways

New kitchen door

This is not the greatest "before" pic, but this is the existing kitchen with a door to the hallway in the back left corner (peeking out above the fridge). This space will be the new dining room and we'll move the kitchen to the space where I am standing to take this pic. We want a large (maybe arched) doorway sort of behind where the fridge is shown above. We will close of the existing doorway as that will be in the back corner of the dining room.

Action PIC!! Here is Mr. Pennock doing a fabulous job of demolition.

Sheetrock gone, temporary studs in place (a load bearing wall) and 1/2 of the double plate (2x8) along the top.

Temporary studs removed, both 2x8 plates in place.

New opening: view from the front door and from the kitchen back to the front door.

New studs in the existing doorway.