Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors:

Here are the 3 bedrooms: one was gold/green, one bright blue, and one Barney purple.

Carpet coming up. (padding underneath)

Tada! Hardwood floors

Pile of corrosive sand/dirt from years of tracking in the front door and around the organ that used to sit between that closet door and the return vent.

A few stains, but all-in-all the floors are very pretty. We are not sure how deep the stains go. Will we have the refinish or can we just screen the floors removing a layer of polyurethane (but not removing the stained finish of the wood)?

Wax test: put some large drops of water on the floor and set an ice filled glass on top of the water. Leave over night. If a white ring is left, wax has been used on the floor. (Can't screen and must refinish.)

Results of the wax test: no ring -- no wax!! (Good news.)